loves to use his creativity and passion for woodworking to create beautiful spaces and functional storage at home and work – and his own picture frames and artwork.

Wood panelling

Office feature wall

Inspired by his grandfathers joinery and cabinet making past, and a passion, verging on obsession for order and organisation, Christian loves to recycle and reuse, and make use of every inch of space to produce beautiful environments. 


Equally happy working in modern contemporary or traditional spaces, Christian reduces waste at every opportunity, reuses materials and cutoffs, and genuinely cares for the environment, opting for sustainable products where ever he can.

Built-in storage

Pallet projects come in all shapes and sizes, Christian loves to reuse southern yellow pine and oak pallet wood to create all manner of beautiful things.


Most recent projects

is really important to Christian, he loves breathing new life into recycled wood, even if that means painstakingly dismantling old wooden pallets which isn’t much fun!



If the effort that goes into making a homemade apple crate or storage box was reflected in the retail price, he’d go into business, maybe in his next life Christian will be a carpenter, but for now he continues to enjoy his love for woodworking as a hobby.

Really useful vintage-style Crates
made from recycled pallets.

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